A Miami Layover

Miami Beach Layover | Happily in Pursuit

When travelling to or from Cayman, unless you snag one of those hard-to-get direct flights, you’re likely connecting through Miami International Airport. If you’re really lucky, like Ben and I were last year, you’ll have an overnight layover with 24 hours to explore Miami. We had a super lengthy stop in Miami and decided to instead make lemons out of lemonade and stay overnight. This was such a great call, and made the last leg of our trip exciting instead of long and tiring!

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Travel Guide: Philadelphia

Travel Guide: Philadelphia. Elfreth's Alley | Happily in Pursuit

At the end of May, I had been back in Cayman for less than a week before I jet off to Philadelphia for work. Only there for 3 nights and on the clock, I tried to make the most of this opportunity to explore a new American city. I didn’t know much about Philadelphia before […]

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A Trip Home

Fireplace detail | Happily in Pursuit

       We’ve been back on island for about a week now after our first visit home to Toronto since moving to Cayman. It was so wonderful to be home and to have so many things to celebrate: we witnessed our beautiful friends, Kathleen and Stephen, get married, celebrated my Granny’s 82nd birthday, my […]

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