Local Love: Hemingways Cayman

Amazing food from Hemingways Cayman

Have you just arrived on Grand Cayman, hungry, thirsty, and looking for those spectacular views of Seven Mile Beach? Hemingways is the place to go! When my parents arrived on island for their first visit a few months ago, the first place I took them was Hemingways. Located in the former Beach Suites on Seven […]

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Where will 2018 take us?

Plane wing above Caribbean

2017 was, hands-down, my craziest travel year ever. With 17 takeoffs and landings, I’ve never in my life spent so much time on a plane. A lot of this travel felt more about necessity or for other people (moving, work, weddings). While of course it was always super fun and we travelled to places we […]

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A Miami Layover

Miami Beach Layover | Happily in Pursuit

When travelling to or from Cayman, unless you snag one of those hard-to-get direct flights, you’re likely connecting through Miami International Airport. If you’re really lucky, like Ben and I were last year, you’ll have an overnight layover with 24 hours to explore Miami. We had a super lengthy stop in Miami and decided to instead make lemons out of lemonade and stay overnight. This was such a great call, and made the last leg of our trip exciting instead of long and tiring!

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Travel Guide: Philadelphia

Travel Guide: Philadelphia. Elfreth's Alley | Happily in Pursuit

At the end of May, I had been back in Cayman for less than a week before I jet off to Philadelphia for work. Only there for 3 nights and on the clock, I tried to make the most of this opportunity to explore a new American city. I didn’t know much about Philadelphia before […]

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A Trip Home

Fireplace detail | Happily in Pursuit

       We’ve been back on island for about a week now after our first visit home to Toronto since moving to Cayman. It was so wonderful to be home and to have so many things to celebrate: we witnessed our beautiful friends, Kathleen and Stephen, get married, celebrated my Granny’s 82nd birthday, my […]

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